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Our hammam offers a traditional experience that is relaxed, luxurious and comfortable enough for Western tastes .

You can enjoy the scrub and foam massage in this traditional atmosphere everyday between 08:30 and 22:00.

Massage: You can melt away stress with a variety of massages during your stay.

Whichever delightful service you choose, the pampering comes to you! (by appointment only)

Experience the bliss of a Turkish Hammam 40 Euros 45 minutes

“Sultan bath” accompanied by a specialized therapist
Loofah scrub and foam
Herbal tea
The hammam therapist will leave you feeling incredibly clean and relaxed after administering a purifying full body loofah scrub. You’ll then receive a relaxing body massage using soothing, scented foam culminating with a complete body rinse. What’s more is that once this therapeutic session is complete, you’ll be offered herbal tea.

Hürrem’s Hammam 50 Euros 50 minutes

Face mask
Full body exfoliation
Foam massage
Herbal tea and treats
The therapeutic session will begin with a clay face mask. Then, your skin will be completely covered with an exfoliating peeling cream to rid your body of its dead skin and to protect your existing skin from harmful agents. Afterwards, you’ll receive a full body foam massage. Before you leave, you’ll be invited to enjoy a glass of herbal tea in our relaxing lounge.

Sultan Package 75 Euros 90 minutes

Loofah scrub and foam
Classic massage

After performing a purifying full body loofah scrub and foam massage, the hammam therapist will leave your whole body feeling incredibly clean and relaxed and your skin smooth and soft. What’s more is that, your blood circulation will accelerate, and you’ll feel a sense of relief after the massage. After the therapy, you will be offered herbal tea and treats for a nice finish.

Jet-Lag package 85 Euros 90 minutes

Loofah scrub and foam
Body mask and hot towel application
Energizing massage

After such a long trip, no human body is able to work efficiently. Therefore, your therapeutic session will begin with a relaxing trip to the hammam. There, the specialized therapist will leave your whole body feeling incredibly clean and relaxed and your skin smooth and soft. You’ll feel a deep sense of relief after a purifying full body loofah scrub and foam massage. Afterwards, your therapist will perform a relaxing massage that will return energy and balance to your body as well as increase blood flow efficiency. After the therapy, you will be offered herbal tea and treats for a nice finish.

Sauna & Hamam 10Euro

Loofah scrub and foam 40 Euros 30 minutes

A loofah (TR: kese) is a special cloth sack full of foam that has been used since Ottoman times and has become a veritable hammam tradition. After experiencing one, you’ll feel completely renewed and relaxed. It will refresh your skin, exfoliate dead skin and remove toxins from your body. First, the therapist will rub your entire body with the special loofah so that your skin will be smooth and soft. Then, you’ll receive a full body massage with scented foam.

Foam massage 25 Euros 20 minutes

With this relaxing and soothing massage, your blood flow will be increased to help your body remove toxins. In the process, your entire body will be covered with aromatic foam and massaged on the warmed stone in the hammam.

Classic massage 50 Euros 45 minutes

This massage uses herbal oils to help your body relax and your muscles unwind. You’ll have the choice of either a light or deep massage.

Deep Asian Massage 55 Euros 50 minutes

This massage is even more intense than a traditional “Bali” massage. During this particular massage, the specialized therapist will use his or her arms to perform an even deeper massage. After undergoing this treatment whatever muscular tension you had will be relieved as your muscles will be realigned with your fasciae (the connective tissue surrounding your muscles). You’ll also notice that your posture and liveliness have been improved and your pain, relieved. Since this massage also clears the energy pathways in your body, whatever emotional tension you entered this session with will be released.

Raki Massage (with aromatic oils) 50 Euros 45 minutes

Raki is Turkey's traditional alcoholic beverage, also known as Lion's milk. Raki is made from anise and has a high concentration of alcohol. We have created a special blend of Raki and warm oil which has a soothing effect on aching muscles. When applied during massage, this special aromatic blend has a relaxing, rejuventaiting and therapeutic benefit.

Aroma Therapy Massage 55 Euros 50 minutes

This is a slow, gentle, full body massage using a variety of aromatic oils extracted from plants found throughout the Mediterranean Sea region to help you feel both physically and spiritually relaxed and rejuvenated. After the massage, you’ll notice that you sleep better and deeper as your tight, tense muscles are now relaxed and pain-free. Internally, this massage will help stimulate the interchange of tissue fluids and blood flow.

Massages according to your horoscope 55 Euros 50 minutes


The first sign of the Zodiac. With their aggressive, reactionary, energetic, over confident, brave, honest, frank, and headstrong characters, Aries are in need of a great amount of life energy. To provide a balance for such a strong character, geranium, iris, daisy, pine, and melon essences are used in the Aries Massage so that your body and skin may experience an effective moment of healing.


A Taurus is patient, headstrong, dependable, practical, and one who continually seeks out greater opportunities. Such individuals also dislike innovation and taking risks. As such, we use a calming Taurus Massage Oil made of daisy, linden, cinnamon, aloe vera, and apple essences to put the Taurus into a deep state of serenity.


Gemini are intelligent, alert, versatile, witty, curious, quick, conceptual people who need of a high level of focus and concentration. In order to provide such an individual with a sufficient amount of energy, we use a Gemini Massage Oil made of iris, lavender, carrot, fennel, and rose essential extracts which also helps encourage a sense of serenity in the one receiving this massage.


With a soft, sensitive, emotional, polite, forethoughtful, vulnerable, and agreeable character, a Cancer will enjoy this soothing and sensual massage using a special Cancer Massage Oil made of linden, sage, lavender, strawberry, and melon essences.


In the world of astrology, symmetry and harmony are considered to be a reality that every single human being forms a part of. As a Leo is one who possesses a perfect balance of symmetry and harmony, he or she will exert a great deal of energy in fulfilling his responsibilities. As such, the Leo Massage helps the Leo regain this lost energy and much needed strength through a silky smooth massage with almond, lavender, daisy, mint, and bay leaf essential oils.


A Virgo chases flawlessness and perfectionism and in the process experiences a great loss of energy without noticing. During the massage, techniques will be used to increase blood flow and purify your spirit. While your body is in a state of relaxation, “Virgo Massage Oil,” composed of iris, hazelnut, mint, almond, and melon essences – exactly what Virgo needs to maintain a balanced energy level – will be applied through a silky smooth massage.


A Libra is one who knows how to overcome even the most difficult of circumstances and can convince others to do what he or she wishes with sweet words. Libras also love to learn and spread information and, as such, are very social people. To bring harmony to such individuals and to help them in their goals, we have prepared a Libra Massage Oil made of banana, daisy, raspberry, strawberry, pine, and apple essential extracts.


A Scorpio is the owner of a deep, attractive, strong, sophisticated, emotional, and secretive character. Such a sensitive nature needs balanced body energy which we provide with our Scorpio Massage Oil containing aloe vera, violet, grapefruit, daisy, and bay leaf essential oils.


A leader by birth, a Sagittarius is owner of a charismatic and warm character which draws others to him or herself. A Sagittarius is also one who has high ideals, elevated ambitions, and deep passions. As such, the Sagittarius Massage makes use of a special oil made of clove, grapefruit, cinnamon, raspberry, and violet extracts to help such an individual pursue these dreams.


Capricorns pay great attention to planning and details and are people who mature at a young age. To bring harmonize a Capricorn’s body and spirit, we use a special Capricorn Massage Oil containing essential violet, mint, strawberry, kiwi, and aloe vera extracts.


An Aquarius’ creative and leading character may sometimes cause him or her to fall into a state of extreme tiredness. In order to reduce such an individual’s stress and to increase energy, a special Aquarius Massage Oil made of violet, cumin, linden, kiwi, and geranium essential extracts is used, bringing one’s soul and body into balance.


The sign which puts all others before itself. A Pisces is owner to a highly sensitive, merciful, altruistic, idealist, and romantic life energy. To balance this life energy, geranium, melon, kelp, linden, and lavender essences are used in the Pisces Massage so that your body and skin may experience serenity.

Area Specific Massages

Foot reflexology massages 30 Euros 30 minutes
Back massage 30 Euros 30 minutes
Hand, foot, and head massage 45 Euros 50 minutes

This concentrated foot massage is administered by focusing on special points in your feet to send a message to specific parts of your body thereby relieving bodily tension. This massage removes energy blockages in your body and works to activate its self healing process. Your specialized therapist will work to relieve pain and stiffness caused by over exercising and extended muscle use. Other benefits are an increase in blood circulation and your body’s returning to a natural harmony which will help prevent and even treat common fatigue, stress, and migraines.

Body Therapy 50 Euros 60 minutes

Spoil your body with our special strawberry, pomegranate, and argan therapy!
After a refreshing shower, we’ll apply a special peeling cream containing anti-oxidants to your entire body to exfoliate your skin. Next, your specialized therapist will give your body a relaxing massage using moisturizing massage oil followed by a body mask to revitalize dead skin cells and provide your body intense vitamin support. This pampering session will culminate by applying a shimmering body lotion that increases your skin’s elasticity and lightly massaging it into your body.

Free entrance to sauna and hammam with any massage purchase.