Olive Anatolian Restaurant

A trip to Istanbul is a rare opportunity for you to witness the evidence of the many empires that previously resided in the city, to experience the unique atmosphere of each of the inviting streets, and to discover the secrets hidden in all four corners of the city. The Olive Anatolian Restaurant will give you a remarkable evening by allowing you to witness the chaos of this magnificent city in the most romantic way possible. It offers the perfect opportunity to make your trip to Istanbul unforgettable.

The Olive Anatolian Restaurant owes its name to the longevity, healthiness, and healing powers of the olive that is one of the generous gifts of the country’s fertile soil. The rooftop restaurant is surrounded with wrap-around floor-to-ceiling windows and offers a wide menu, consisting of the most delicious examples of Turkish and world cuisine, accompanied by one of the most spectacular panoramic views of Istanbul. The Olive Anatolian Restaurant promises you an unforgettable night with your loved ones.

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    Sultania Restaurant

    The Sultania Restaurant, located on the ground floor of our hotel, is perfect for guests to take a short break from their travels in an ambiance created by the historical location of the hotel. You will feel like you’re in a period drama while you watch the bustle of the city while enjoying sandwiches, snacks, local delicacies or refreshing cocktails. You can either sit inside and relax in the warm environment of the Sultania Restaurant, or you can sit outside and take your break as a part of this unique atmosphere. Whether starting your day before going out to wander around in the beautiful streets of Istanbul or catching your breath after a long day of exploring, the Sultania Restaurant welcomes you for delicious times.

    Our vegan menu is available. Please click here to browse

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